We have been serving Mithais made from pure Ghee and Khova for over 70 years now. Our loyal customers keep coming back to purchase and savour our Rasgulla, GulabJamoon, and vast varieties of Barfis that have been popular for ever.

Signature Sweets

DilKhushal: Dig into our delectable specialty, the DilKhushal, which is guaranteed to make your dilkhush as this painstakingly crafted BesanBarfi disintegrates and fills your mouth with the awesome taste of besan and ghee, along with the nuts.

Kalakand: “Pure love” is the word that comes to your mind when you bite into our signature sweet. You can almost feel the loving tender care that our halwais pour into this sweet made from khova that is manufactured in-house, and the purest quality of paneer.

Rasmalai: Our customers have been flocking to our shop for over 70 years to purchase our special “melt in the mouth” Ras Malai, made from the purest paneer and soaked in milk to take you to heaven with each succulent bite.


Our Namkeen are as popular as our Mithais, and why not? Customers love the crunchy snacks as well as the soft and succulent dhoklas that they eat in our shop and then get some more to take them home, to continue enjoying the tasty titbits.

Signature Namkeen

Fried Kaju: Once you pop our flagship savoury, the Fried Kaju, into your mouth, you will know why we are so proud of it. The cashew nuts are procured from the North Eastern hilly town of Tura in Meghalaya. Why? Because we want you to have only the best.

Bhujia: Who doesn’t love Bhujia? We love it as much, and that’s why we take a lot of effort to serve your favourite crispy crunchy snack, which is made from the purest of ingredients sourced from all parts of the country.


Our ever popular chaat counter continues to attract customer of all ages, as no one is able to resist the fragrant aromas of samosas, kachoris, tikkis and jalebis, wafting from our live counters to entice the olfactory senses.

Signature Chaats

Jalebi: The moment you see those luscious Jalebis beckoning you, your mouth starts watering, and you can’t help being dragged toward our Chaat counter to savour the special, syrupy concentric circles pure bliss.

Club Kachori: Our specialty chaat, the Club Kachori, is made keeping you in mind. Allow the small pieces of fried delicacies to soak your senses with the overwhelming fragrance of Hing, which we procure from Amritsar. Add to that the delicious taste of the aloo sabzi that’s served along with, and you will keep coming back for more.

PaniPuri: No chaat is complete without PaniPuri, and we are no exception. Head over to our Chaat counter for some spicy tangy PaniPuri that’s waiting to spike your taste buds.